All India Catholic University Federation
AICUF-All India Catholic University Fedaration
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AICUF-All India Catholic University Federation is a movement of university students with a vision for a new and just society. Progressing in a history of constant rediscovery and re-creation.

AICUF ever tries to link itself to the emerging needs and  realities of the university , the church and the wider society.

AICUF is affiliated to PAX ROMANA-International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS)

The place which taught me
to think critical
     -Paul, Loyola college,Chennai
Animated me a warrior to fight against
all inhuman discrimination
      -Sathish Tarnas,Social Activist
It identified my social consciouness
                          -Annie Jenita,Teacher
The real student movement...
To Act Political
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Every student should walk with aicuf for better living
                          -John ,Social activist
The exposure I got in aicuf helped me a lot for my present carrier,
                          -Ramya ,Social entrepreneur
Unjust society and
We are determined
not to leave it as we have found it-Ponnamalle Declaration
We were born in an
AICUF-All India Catholic University Fedaration
AICUF-All India Catholic University Fedaration